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    • Robert says:

      Hi, how are you?
      I hope you’re very well.
      I need some Headshots, and i would like to know if you can take it for me, here is my # 718-865-6827.
      Let me know please,
      Thank you,

  1. Hi So Yeon Kim, I read your message on CL about your photoshoot idea’s and want to experiment on a conceptual level … If possible I would like to cooperate / be available for you, because I believe your request is so nice! I am a Dutch professional photographer for over a decade now, and I’ll be visiting NYC between March 22nd and April 12th or so … Working on several topics for one of my agencies and in co-operation with a writing journalist … If I want to photograph people myself, I believe I have to be available for other photographers as well … My way of giving back some energy to others … I will be staying in Bushwick, but generally I’ll be all over “town” for three weeks or so … Days, some evenings and even a night or two … So, if you want to hook up, please send me a date or three and a proposal for location, and I’ll get back to you … A few suggestions:

    – on March 22nd evening I’ll might be around the two bridges at Brooklyn side / Dumbo area
    – on March 23rd I’ll be all over Manhattan, having an appointment with an assignor at lunchtime
    – on March 28th I’ll plan te “stay” at home, be around Bushwick, Brooklyn for a quiet day
    – on April 1st and 2nd I have no plans yet, so shoot 🙂
    – on April 3rd me and Karien Verhappen will be working on and around the High Line in Manhattan

    So, hope to hear from you … If you want, you can have a look on my website: http://www.guidokoppes.nl

    Be Well!!!

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